Newly Released Documents Could Ruin Jussie Smollet’s Comeback

Jussie Smollet‘s possible return to Hollywood could be ruined by the thousands of pages of documents in his case, including emails, text messages, police reports, and court records, which were recently released.

According to THR, the release has laid bare some of the inner workings of the Chicago District Attorney’s office, including its fraught relationship with the city’s police department, and the documents have also raised more questions than they’ve answered about the spectacle surrounding the Empire actor.

Per the media house:

As of early May, Empire writers were speaking openly about the possibility of Smollett’s return to the show. And the actor appeared eager to continue working after his arrest and the subsequent dropping of charges, saying in a statement that he “appreciated” 20th Century Fox’s decision to extend his contract and keep his character Jamal’s future “open” for the upcoming sixth season.

Now that’s more in doubt than ever. While Smollett, through his attorneys, has lauded the release of the entire investigative case file, nothing in the documents would seem to improve Smollett’s chances of rehabilitating his career in Hollywood or to repair his shattered public image. Instead, the picture that emerges serves to reinforce allegations of a man buying cocaine and ecstasy while plotting a fake hate crime against himself.

The report continued:

The first batch of documents, including the police case file, was unsealed by a judge after FOIA requests by multiple media outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter. The DA’s office released several hundred pages of text messages, emails and court documents.

Among other revelations, the documents provide new details about Smollett’s attempts to procure drugs from Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, the two brothers who helped him stage and carry out the hoax hate crime.

“N***a you still got a molly connect,” Smollett texted to one of the brothers in September, a few months before the alleged hoax. “Hahahaha… Imma need a good fo pills Haha.”

Police files indicate that Smollett paid the brothers repeatedly via Venmo and Paypal for ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana in February, in the days leading up to the staged attack.

They also reveal a more detailed portrait of the communications between the three men to plan and carry out the hoax. Smollett asked the brothers to meet “face to face” to discuss plans. Police records indicate these details were “corroborated on video and by GPS data.”

All of this comes after 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Entertainment extended the actor’s option for season six, but also said in a statement that they had “no plans” to bring the embattled actor back on the show.

We can’t wait to see how this pans out.

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