Nelly Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuit With His Accuser

Variety is reporting that the sexual assault lawsuit against Nelly has been dropped.

The announcement comes nine months after Nelly fired back at his accuser, Monique Greene, with a countersuit in which he claimed that she lied about everything that transpired between them in October 2017 to get him criminally prosecuted.

The rapper claimed Greene entered the VIP section of the nightclub where he was headlining and began to flirt with him, that he then went ahead to invite her into his tour bus. He added that they had consensual sex, that Greene only got upset when one of his performers entered the room to use his bathroom. He claimed she became “aggressive and disruptive”, that she was asked to leave at that point.

He went further to add that Greene and her lawyer damaged his reputation by making ‘false’ accusation against him on the internet, that this has now cost him money and also damaged his reputation in the music industry.

After a brief back-and-forth, the parties have now resolved the case. And speaking with Variety, the rapper’s attorney Scott Rosenblum confirmed that “Both parties agreed to drop the lawsuit. No settlement or money changed hands.”


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