“Naira Marley is a Fraudster.” – Ruggedman Speaks Candidly

Ruggedman says Naira Marley is a fraudster.

The iconic rapper said this during a recent chat with the press during which he spoke about his concerns about Naira Marley’s recent comments on cybercrime, how the upcoming artiste has encouraged young Nigerians to engage in criminal activities.

“You don’t come out and start celebrating fraud,” said Ruggedman. “Does two wrongs make a right? Because the government is making us lack things like jobs and all, you want to start robbing and killing?”

Recall that their feud started after singer Simi warned fraudsters to stop buying her music, noting that their internet criminal activities are hurting Nigerians both at home and abroad. Folks like Naira Marley had a problem with this; they tried to justify why they engage in cyber crimes by citing the transatlantic slave trade history.

Well, Ruggedman says that is bullshit. “We are not supporting that boy. He is a fraudster. We are hardworking Nigerians.”

And he said a lot more.

See the video below:

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