‘My Home is So Silent Now Without My Son’- Eucharia Anunobi Speaks

Eucharia Anunobi is still dealing with loss.

Speaking with Inside Nollywood, the veteran actress and evangelist told how heartbroken she is, how empty her home has become since the death of her son Raymond Ekwu last August. “My home is so silent now without my son,” she said, adding, “Every time I peep into his room to see if he is there.”

She continued, saying, “When I drive back home, I long to see his smiling face radiating that joy of seeing me back. Cooking has lost its joy because he is not there to ask all those questions. My son, my baby, the most considerate child, adorable giant, I miss him.”

Recall that Anunobi had the boy with her ex-husband Charles Ekwu in 2002. Following the death of the teenager, she bared her heart in a deeply moving tribute to him. “You were the best gift that God gave to me and I love you with all my heart, soul, spirit and body,” she said.

She added, ‘’Thank you for making the world call me mother, but above all, I want to say thank you for making people know about Jesus. I know you have gone, I’m totally broken but I rejoice because you loved Jesus with all your soul, spirit and body.’’

Now, she is gradually returning to spotlight, working on her career and waxing stronger.

We wish her well.

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