‘My Father-In-Law Did Not Cause It’ – Zahra Buhari’s Husband Defends the President Amid National Tragedies

Ahmed Indimi has risen to defend President Buhari after his Instagram follower called him out for posting luxury photos at a time when Nigerians are in mourning.

The drama started when the husband to Zahra Buhari posted a photo of the luxury spot in Greece where he apparently is having a time of his life. “Goodness lord, is this heaven?” he captioned the photo.

Well, many people didn’t find the post pleasing, especially at a dark time in our national history, one of the called him out, noting the various senseless killings in the country, and more especially, those who died the tanker explosion on Otedola Bridge yesterday in Lagos.

While defending himself, Ahmed claimed that the president is not the cause of the problem, while also comparing Nigeria’s tragedies to a recent shooting in Maryland, U.S.

“No, my father-in-law did not cause it and he had nothing to do with it,” he said of the Lagos fire, adding, “Now that I am aware of the incident in Lagos, what could I have preven it?”

Read the exchange below.

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