Muslim man sets daughter on fire for converting to Christianity

A young lady who recently converted to Christianity is battling for her life after she was set on fire by her biological father.

The young girl it is learnt got converted after she had listened to a radio broadcast which got her to renounce her faith, despite being raised by a Sheikh.

According to report, the girl’s father whose name is revealed as Hussein Byaruhanga, a Ugandan citizen, got furious over the development and pounced on his daughter for abandoning Islam.

The Islamic cleric reportedly poured petrol on his daughter, lighted a fire and watched her burn.

The young lady who goes by the name Kyomuhendo had followed her dad on a business trip to Mbarara, where his other sibling lives.

They, however, could not make it home due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reports had it that she got convicted while she was listening to a radio programme and head up to call a Catholic priest who is a friend to her dad to pray for her as she gives her life to Christ.

At the moment, the young lady is being treated at a hospital in Uganda, Morning Star News revealed.

Revealing her conviction, Kyomuhendo said:

“She explained to me about Christ and the way of salvation, and I got convicted and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

“As she was sharing Christ with me, I was so overjoyed, and my father heard my joy and woke up, came from his bedroom furiously, and started beating me up with blows, slaps and kicks.”


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