MURIC accuses WAEC of bias against Muslims

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) is back in the news, this time for rejecting the timetable of the 2020 West African Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE).

In a statement Monday, MURIC expressly objected to the timetable which according to it “clashed with Muslims’ Friday prayers”.

MURIC Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola went on to accuse WAEC of creating a wedge between young Muslims and the mosque and putting out a timetable which is exclusive, sectional, parochial, insensitive, provocative and designed to cause pain to Muslim candidates.

Lamenting what he termed “slavery, serfdom and religious apartheid” Akintola directed WAEC to give Muslim candidates three hours every Friday or incur their wrath.

The statement read in part;

“There are at least three clashes between examination periods and Muslim prayers on Fridays: Management-in-Living (2 pm, Friday 14th August, 2020); Literature-in-English (2 pm, Friday 21st August); Health Science (1.30 pm, Friday, 4th September). 

“It is the handiwork of sadists and anarchists. It smirks of an anti-Muslim machinery oiled by the passion for hate and injustice. This is in spite of efforts made by us to guard against this kind of clash.

“Our message to WAEC is very clear and simple: Adjust your timetable and stop provoking Muslims forthwith.”

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