Mother of Ubi Franklin’s Son Drags Him: ‘Instagram Daddy of the Decade!’

Nicola Siyo called out Ubi Franklin on Instagram yesterday, after he reposted a video of their son.

Recall that rumours of Siyo’s pregnancy broke out last year and caused quite a stir, especially because had worked for him. Ubi soon confirmed the story, saying that the “whole idea” was to have all his children before he turns 40.

“When I am done having kids before 40 and then work on my six packs, go on Holiday with my kids and we run on the beach that’s the whole idea,” he wrote, adding, “At 50 I’ll have a 20 year old, 21 year old and a 17 year old. Maybe two more (five and I am done). This is the Biggest Blessings you can ever ask for so.”

Well, Siyo gave birth to a son later that year, and now has taken to her page to call out Ubi, who she says hasn’t reached out to see their boy.

See her post below:

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