Moroccan Cannon Tried to Get His Mom Mariah Carey on Tiktok and this Happened

Moroccan Cannon is one hilarious kid–a true son of his mother, Mariah Carey, and his father, Nick Cannon.

The child who also goes by Rocky has a Tiktok, and recently, one of his friends tried to get him to get him legendary mom on the platform to chat with her. And he agreed to do just that.

However, Mariah was not ready to show her face on the app so suddenly and told the kid to tell his friend that she’s on a business call.

“Well, my mom is not ready to look. She’s not ready to be shot at,” he told his friend, before shadily adding, “plus! she’s on a business call.”


In a next clip, he warned all those poking into his affairs to mind their business.

Watch him below:


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