Michelle Obama Speaks About Life Outside the White House

Yesterday, Michelle Obama concluded the first leg of her book tour for her memoir Becoming in front of a sold-out crowd at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former First Lady of the United States sat down with actress Sarah Jessica Parker, and they talked, among other things, her life since leaving the White House.

“It’s sort of my obligation to share and be truthful, because a lot of people look up to folks like us. So they need to know all of the story,” she said. “I couldn’t have written a different book, because I like to tell the truth. Go figure.”

Some of the guests who showed at the reading to show support include Alicia Keys, who said, “I am becoming more myself, unapologetically myself with no desire for outside approval. I am deepening, I am blossoming. We are the greatest we have ever been, and we won’t dim our light for anybody.”

“We’re very sentimental — we miss you,” said Sarah Jessica Parker. “Watching the quick story of your life, it’s wonderful to see but it’s painful because I think we miss a more civilized time.”

In her memoir, Michelle Obama revealed the criticism they faced and how it shaped them, “Barack and I spent eight years trying to operate in complete perfection, because we didn’t feel like we had a margin for error,” Obama said. “Oftentimes, when you’re the first or the only, the bar shifts a lot.”

And she added that one of the reasons she wrote the book is to remind others of the context from which she constructed her values. “We have to know our stories, feel comfortable with all of our stories and all the context of it too, because part of that history — the way to understand Michelle Robinson, to understand Michelle Obama — is to understand the context,” she said. “My parents taught us that context too. You can’t just look at somebody where they are. You have to know their whole story.”

Her book has sold over three million copies already.

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