MI Abaga Replies Folks Who Are Talking About Naeto C: “He Won’t Even Notice”

MI Abaga says Naeto C is not on social media and so doesn’t pay attention to the conversations on the app.

The rapper revealed this after he announced yesterday that he will be going toe to toe with the Kini Big Deal rapper on Instagram Live, May 24. While many people thought it is a mismatch, others exalted Naeto C as a legend in his own right.

Well, MI Abaga says Naeto C has no idea about all this talk.

I love how Naeto is trending number one and I can promise that he won’t even notice.. lol.. just quietly doing his boss shit and not bothered by social media at all.. as for me!!!! I de here .. good morning what’s good #agbaya,” he tweeted.

Check him out below:


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