Messi Makes His Giant Dog, Hulk, Look Silly with a Ball [Video]

Footie superstar Lionel Messi isn’t only a terror to defenders, as a new footage of him playing about with his dog has shown.

In a kick-about at his home, a shirtless and ruthless Messi makes his giant Dogue de Bordeaux, Hulk, chase the ball.

Now, that has to be one of the cruellest of tasks as even seasoned defenders have been humiliated trying to get the ball off the mercurial Argentine.

While Hulk can rightly stake a claim to be top dog as he belongs to the one and only Messi – who was recently declared the highest earning footballer on the planet – he surely must have learnt that the situation does have its drawbacks, particularly when ‘enjoying’ a kick-about with his owner.

Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo shot the above footage, which she posted to her Instagram page, showing Messi getting the better of Hulk in the garden.

With a ball at his feet, the talismanic no 10 knocks it about a bit, prompting Hulk to get involved and attempt to disposes him.

Unfortunately for Hulk, he learns the hard way Messi isn’t easily dispossessed as he keeps running from side to side only to have the ball repeatedly flicked over his head.

Ok…better luck next time, Hulk. Lol

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