Messi is pure talent, God said ‘Go on, go and play with those kids’ – Evra explains

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has compared Barcelona’s forward Lionel Messi and his arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo, describing the Argentine as pure talent and the Portuguese as a machine.

Speaking of Messi, Evra said:

“I just think Messi, it’s just a gift, it’s talent. God said, ‘Go on, go and play with those kids.’

However, Evra is known for always backing the Juventus star over the Argentine. He rubbished ideas that his backing of Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi is based on his friendship with the Juventus superstar.

The 38-year-old spent eight years at Old Trafford and watched Ronaldo develop into a world-class forward.

But he has argued that he throws his full support behind the Portuguese forward ahead of Messi because he is the “most professional player I ever played with.”

“He was the one that if we had training at 10, he would be there at 8.

“He was the last to leave the training ground, practicing his skill.

“That’s why, when we compare him to Messi, I always choose Cristiano and people say it’s just because he’s my friend.

“I just think Messi, it’s just a gift, it’s talent. God said, ‘Go on, go and play with those kids.’

“But Cristiano worked so hard. He’s a machine.

“He doesn’t want to lose anything. He even wants to be the most beautiful guy, he wants to be the one that is dressing the best.”

Ronaldo, 34, won his first Ballon d’Or during his time at United and is currently deadlocked with Barcelona captain Messi at five apiece.

The Portugal captain continued to build on his illustrious playing career and scooped four more of France Football’s coveted prize at Real Madrid.

When Evra was asked if he was surprised by Ronaldo’s success, the ex-United left-back responded:

“I’m not.

“I remember when we were talking with Cristiano when he won his first Ballon d’Or, he talked to me and said ‘I have to win at least five,’ and that’s what he did, so I’m not surprised.”


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