Meriam Kaxuxwena Fights Dillish Mathews on Instagram Over Footballer Adebayor

Meriam Kaxuxwena has taken her private disagreement with Dillish Mathews to social media, and the situation is messy.

Drama started when the model took to he Instagram Story to shade the Big Brother Africa winner, claiming that she dated Dillish’s footballer boyfriend Emmanuel Adebayor first and she could get him back if she wanted to.

“I still have his WhatsApp number,” Meriam bragged, adding, “Don’t get too excited for things I could have [the] same way you met him.”

Dillish did not publicly address the baiting but it wasn’t long before Meriam shared yet another Instagram post, this time with a screenshot in which Dillish allegedly threatened to beat her up.

“She wants to fight with me. I am going to put a police warning on this woman,” said Meriam.

See the posts below:


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