Megan Thee Stallion Shuts Down Claims that She Beat Up Her Ex

Megan Thee Stallion has shut down rumours making rounds that she physically abused her ex Karim York.

Per Complex, the rumour starting flying after York posted a long note in which he claimed an ex beat him up and held him at gun point. York did not mention Megan’s name, and the statement ended with “P.S. Megan and I are still great friends.” This led readers to believe that the incident involved Megan Thee Stallion.

And Megan will have none of it!

“I feel like I have to have a press conference every godddamn week,” she said in a new post. “I just saw some bullshit talking about…and I know who it is. They antagonize me everyday online. They pick with me every goddamn day. They always making up stories about me and now I feel like I have to really start doing something about it.”

Also, Megan called her ex and you can hear him assuring her that he would “clean it up.” “I am not talking about you,” York can be heard saying.

On accusations that she was doing drugs, Megan clarified that with her ex on the phone.

“He is not talking about me,” she says. “He is in another argument with some other bitch.”

“Stop lying on me,” Megan continued. “That n***a not talking about me. Stop putting n***as on me. Stop making stories up. Fuck y’all because I’m going to hit you with the facts every time you tell a lie.”

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