Meet Sienna Princess! Ciara Introduces 9-Month-Old Daughter in Adorable Photos

Ciara has finally shared the first photos of her daughter Sienna Princess.

The singer shared the photos of the 9-month-old on her new TraceMe app, and they include behind-the-scenes footage from their photo session curated by her husband, the Seattle Seahawks footballer, Russell Wilson.

“I’m so excited to be opening up my world to you on TraceMe,” Ciara said in her post. “You guys know that I tend to be private with a lot of things, but with TraceMe I can have a genuine, unfiltered connection with you all.”

She continued, adding, “My motivation for this was to give back for all of your support throughout the years,” adds the 32-year-old. “We now have a special place where you can get to know more about me, and see all the fun things that go on with my music, my family, my fashion and so much more.”

Ciara and Russell got married in July 2016, and welcomed Sienna on April 28.

The couple held back the photos of their daughter until today. And PEOPLE adds that Ciara is the second celebrity to be featured on the TraceMe app, an application which allows fans to take full peek into their favourite celebrity’s world.

Swipe to see the photos:

You can see the rest HERE.

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