Meet Sibahle Zwane, A 10-year-old Genius Who Solves Math Faster than Calculator

Every now and then a genius pops up among us, and they aren’t hard to identify as a result of their je ne sais quoi.

So is 10-year-old South African boy, Sibahle Zwane, who mesmerising exploits have gone viral on social media.

Zwane has the amazing ability to answer complex arithmetic questions faster than a calculator…and in seconds!

The wunderkid shot into prominence when he was filmed answering complex math questions from a local policeman in South Africa, in 2018, the BBC writes.

He proved not to be a one-off as he lived up to the hype when he was featured in a quick video on BBC recently.

Here’s a BBC video of the Sibahle Zwane doing his thing.

And make no mistake about it, the young gun is street smart as he charges R2 for every correct answer he provides!

According to his mom, Mbali Zwane, he makes up to R200 a day! Talk about putting talent to good use.

Ms Zwane, a 28-year-old, single and unemployed mother of two, says his gift was first picked up when he was in grade two.

She has applied for scholarships to take him to an institution where his talent can be developed.

Sibahle, who aspires to be a pilot when he grows up, said he can’t really explain how he manages to make complex calculations in his head.

“I just see the numbers in my head. I like numbers more than anything else,” he said.

His mum however said that he is generally less focused on other subjects and often gets lazy doing them, but not with numbers.

So, have we got a modern day Leonard Euler or Blaise Pascal?

Time will tell…


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