Trending Video: Ghanaian Pastor, Obinim, Says He Steals Money ‘Spiritually’ From World Bank!

Indeed, wonders shall never end. Another Ghanaian pastor is in the news after claiming he steals money spiritually from the World Bank!

As unbelievable as this sounds, the admission was made by the pastor himself, Bishop Daniel Obinim, founder of the International God’s Way Church (IGWC), in Ghana.

According to the self-styled ‘man of God’, he does not get his wealth in the physical realm but steals money spiritually and later converts into real life wealth.

Obinim made the shocking claim in a video posted on the internet where he was seen speaking in Ghanaian language to his congregants during a service at the Accra branch of his church.

In the clip, the controversial cleric, who calls himself an angel, says he flies into the bank vaults himself and lifts off the cash.

He said: “flies as an angel and lands in the World Bank headquarters in Switzerland where the world’s money is printed and packs millions in different currencies.

“After packing the money and flying away, I would then convert the spiritually stolen money into physical money and deposit various amounts in bank accounts I have across the world.”

And yeah, his claim was greeted with thunderous applause from his congregants. Wow!

It didn’t matter that stealing was a crime, or that the headquarters of the Wold Bank is not even located in Switzerland, but in Washington DC, United States. Insane!!

Watch the clip below.




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