Meek Mill Receives Social Justice Award in New York

Congratulations to Meek Mill!

The Philadelphia rapper is among the six individuals that were recognized on Monday, June 10 at the seventh annual McSilver Awards at NYU.

According to Complex, the ceremony acknowledges the “Vanguards for Social Justice who are prominent in their fields and unafraid to use their platforms to help create a more equitable and just world.”

So, Meek was honoured for his works as a founding partner and co-chair of the criminal justice reform organization REFORM Alliance, through which he used his own experiences with an unjust legal system to provide a voice for the voiceless. And through his high-profile alliances, he has been able to raise over $50 million that will be used in their fight to “dramatically reduce the number of people who are needlessly trapped in the system.”

“I’m honored by this recognition,” Meek said in a statement. “When I was released from prison last year, I knew I had a responsibility to use my voice to speak up for the voiceless and fight for criminal justice reform. Change will take time, but me and my team at the REFORM Alliance are committed to making a real difference and fixing a broken justice system.”

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