Meek Mill Disses Nicki Minaj for Commenting on His Trial

Meek Mill thinks Nicki Minaj should not have commented on his trial.

The rapper was a guest on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, where he talked about his recent release from prison, how he with authorities on criminal justice reform, and how unimpressed he was with Nicki Minaj for talking about his trial during her recent chat with Zane Lowe.

“I wasn’t feeling that,” Mill said of the Nicki’s comment. “She shouldn’t had said nothing. And we leave it at that. I don’t feel no way. She know I wasn’t feeling that.”

He continued, saying, “I don’t feel no way… when it comes to freedom, I don’t care who it is—this could be Safaree, this could be anybody—if I know something, and that man’s freedom is on the line and I could say something to help the situation, I’m gonna say it. If I don’t say it, I just won’t say nothing.”

Watch the full interview below.

This video has triggered major reactions, and many people are now criticising Meek for stirring up another Nicki Minaj hate train.

In her interview, Nicki reportedly spoke about her relationship with the judge in charge of Meek’s case, stating how she pleaded with the woman with Meek’s previous parole violation. “The judge in question did everything I asked of her, so I can’t bad mouth her ’cause I met her personally and I know what she said to us and [Meek] knows that,” she told Zane Lowe.

Well, Meek has mucked things up again and many people aren’t happy with him.

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