Mbaka performs ‘spiritual cleansing’ at Imo Governor’s office

Controversial Priest, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka reportedly performed the dedication of the office of the new Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma.

According to security men and civil servants present at the state government’s house in Owerri Friday, Mbaka, who predicted the coming on board of the new governor, came in the company of another priest, his aides and church members to pray for the government staff and security men after dedicating the new governor’s office.

” Father Mbaka was here (government house) on Wednesday, and he dedicated the governor’s office; he was here for over three hours, he also came with another priest, Father Otimbodombo and his church workers,” a source said.

“He was in one of the cars (executive bus) for a long time before he came down and dedicated the governor’s office. We later besieged him and he started blessing us and our sacramentals and chaplets.

“Father Mbaka personally prayed for me and I was happy. He blessed my chaplet which I will be using for prayers”.

It is understood that the priest, who has been under fire for controversially prophesying Uzodinma’s victory at the apex court, left for his Enugu base after the spiritual assignment.


1 thought on “Mbaka performs ‘spiritual cleansing’ at Imo Governor’s office

  1. If the Catholic Church fails to officially caution father ejike mbaka, then, the church has failed the common man.
    How can father mbaka use the umbrella of the church to influence the pronouncement of such sensitive judgment by the supreme court?

    It is unacceptable and an act of betrayal by the entire catholic church on the poor masses of Imo State.

    He was used to make such utterances ahead of the judicial rubbery on the people so it will appear as if it was an act of God.

    I sincerely at this point doubt the genuineness of the said man of God and believes he is using the church to achieve his political self-centered needs.

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