Marvel Casts Nigeria’s Chukuma Modu an Upcoming “Captain Marvel” Film

Chuku Modu (full name: Chukuma Modu) who is famous for his roles as Aggo in Game of Thrones and Dr. Jared Kalu in The Good Doctor, has been cast by Marvel for an upcoming Captain Marvel film.

According to ComicBook, the actor who is of Nigerian/German descent has been cast. And while it is not yet clear what role he will be taking on in the film, Complex adds that Marvel Studios has been keeping details of the cast secret. So, no one really knows what everyone will be playing yet.

For now, it is known that Brie Larson has taken on the leading role of Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel, other stars that have been cast include Gemma Chan, Samuel L. Jackson, Lee Pace, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, and Annette Bening.

Speaking about the changes Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will be undergoing in the next 10 years, with Captain Marvel being part of it, here’s what Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige told

“I mean, all of the things you’ve seen throughout Phases 1 and 2 and now through much of 3, the new characters always are important going forward in driving, shaping the future of the MCU.”

“I think it would be amazing, another 10 years; another 20 films or so. We only focus on one step at a time, but that’s all about continuing to surprise with the stories, go unexpected places, continue to play with new, fresh, unexpected genres and then introduce characters that people might have heard of or a beloved big fan base like Captain Marvel or characters like Guardians where before we made that, people had never even heard of them.”

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