Marsai Martin Set to Become Hollywood’s Youngest Executive Producer

Marsai Martin is about to break new records.

The 14-year-old Black-ish star reportedly is about to become the youngest executive producer and it is thanks to Littleher reimagining of the classic, 13 Going 30, whose trailer dropped yesterday.

In Little, Regina Hall plays an overbearing boss lady character, Jordan Sanders, a narcissist who’s made a habit of belittling her assistant April, played by Issa Rae. As some sort of cosmic payback, Jordan magically reverts to middle-school age one day, April tells her, “You went to bed grown and then you woke up little. That’s for white people. ’Cause black people don’t have the time.”

Speaking with ET about her foray behind the camera, Martin said, “This is the first movie I have in front of the camera and behind the camera. And it’s not gonna be the last.”

Little hits theaters on April 12.

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