Mark Wahlberg Says His Daughters “Get Annoyed” When He Shares Shirtless Pics on Social Media

Mark Wahlberg’s daughters are not impressed with his shirtless pics and now want him to quit showing off.

The actors revealed this in new chat with Ellen DeGeneres, who told him, “most kids don’t have dads that have a body like this,” before the actor informed her that his “daughters get very annoyed by the pictures.”

“I get ‘Dad put a shirt on’ all the time,” the actor continued in the hilarious video, adding, “Even if I have a shirt on! If I have on one shirt, they’ll say put another shirt on!”

And while he curtails his show offs because of his daughters, he reveals he taken his workouts to a new level recently for an upcoming film. “I’ve been training for Six Billion Dollar Man, which is a movie I’ve been developing for a long time so I have to be in shape for that movie.” he explained.

Watch the funny video below.

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