Man machetes four to death in Imo

A man, identified as Chigozie Alagbaoso, alias “Kpakas Chigozie”, on Thursday stabbed four people to death in a fit, including a four-year-old boy, Daniel Oleka.

The shocking incident happened in Umuduru Ubahohie Nnempi Autonomous community in Oru West council area of Imo State.

It is understood that Chigozie, who sells phone accessories in Onitsha, had threatened to kill anybody at sight with a sharp dagger and axe. The threat made people living in the village to scamper for safety in different directions, but  Oleka and two other persons, including a vigilante operative, who live within the same vicinity could not escape before he pounced on them and cut them several times on the heads and necks, killing them on the spot.

Eyewitnesses who spoke to TheNation say Chigozie also left seven other persons severely wounded with one of the victims having one of her breasts gruesomely chopped off from her chest and another deep cut on her leg.

The 29-year-old was also said to have attacked his grandfather, Mr. Kpakas Alagbaoso, leaving him half dead.

He was also said to have charged at a woman, Mrs Chikaodi Uzoma, and as she was missed, her three children were mercilessly cut all over their bodies, while one Mrs Regina Orisa, got a cut on the head.

He was however over-powered and set ablaze by angry youths.

All the victims were currently lying critically ill and unconscious at Bex Memorial Hospital, Nnempi.

Sources say Chigozie had been telling everyone that he wanted to own a ‘Jeep and big house’.

“On one occasion, Chigozie jumped into the well filled with water and came out on his own. When we asked him the reason for all his actions later, he complained that he was being remoted,” the Nation quoted a family source as saying.

“We are suspecting that Kpakas Chigozie must have been under a serious spell to make him commit this kind of atrocious act.

“He was an Onitsha based phone and accessories dealer who abandoned his business and came back home. Since then, he has been behaving like a mad man.

“But, his insanity escalated early this morning when we woke up only to discover that Chigozie Alagbaoso, had as early as 5am, slaughtered one Daniel Oleka, who io four years old, and two security men.

“He also attacked other people including children and gave them mortal injuries. They are all lying critical at the hospital”.

One of the victims, Mrs. Regina Orisa said,

“Chigozie had upon returning home three months ago in October, confided in me that he wanted to buy a jeep and own a big house and all that comfort. He was in a hurry to get everything”.


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