Man Lucks out – Celebrates Retirement, Birthday and Wins $1.5m Lottery same day

A Canadian man has been showered with extraordinary luck as he celebrated his retirement, rand in his birthday and won the lottery all within 24 hours.

Ping Kuen Shum, a native of Vancouver, won the British Columbia lottery on April 28 – on his birthday.

Incidentally, it was also his last day of work, when, somehow, he discovered that his single ticket matched all six numbers, winning him the $1.5million (N540 million) jackpot ($2million Canadian).

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has confirmed Shum’s winnings, which he accepted on Wednesday.

“It’s unbelievable that all three events happened on the same day,” a delighted Shum said to the BBC.

Shum must be a heck of a lucky dude as lottery organisers say the chances of getting all six numbers is a one in 13,983,816.

To celebrate, the luckiest man alive took his family out to a slap-up dinner after which he added that he plans on sharing his fortune.

Way to go, bro…


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