Man Commits Suicide after Killing Wife, Child in Lagos

A man, identified as Mr Charles Omomo, has reportedly committed suicide after killing his wife and their child in Aga community in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

The remains of the deceased were found in their apartment at No 12, Obafemi Erija Borokini Road in Aga, Ikorodu around 6:30 a.m.

A neighbour to the deceased, Mr Taiwo Salami, revealed that the man, popularly called Baba Efe, Mrs Faith Omomo and their three children were all inside the apartment when the incident occurred, WuzupNaija writes.

“I left home very early as usual with my motorcycle. After some hours, my wife called me that Baba Efe, his wife and their last child, Glorious were found dead inside their apartment.

“On getting home I saw a crowd in our compound. I entered the apartment of Baba Efe only to discover he had committed suicide, the wife lay on the floor dead and the son on the three-seater chair also dead.

“I was surprised because yesterday night I saw both the wife and the husband sitting together as usual without any rancour. In fact they were playing with their children around them.

“I don’t know what could have caused this sudden situation,” Salami said.

He explained that the children were all inside with their parents at the time of the incident.

“Efe, the eldest daughter went to one of their family members, living nearby to report the development. On getting there she screamed for help.

“The dead man used to be a motorcycle rider but a few months ago he stopped working because his motorcycle had developed a fault.

“The children also stopped going to school but I saw them yesterday and there was no sign of any problem among them,” Salami stated.

Another neighbour, who pleaded not to be identified, disclosed that Omomo and his wife had been having issues in recent times.

“There was a time the husband and wife were fighting and the husband was accusing his wife of infidelity– that the wife must tell him the real father of the son– if not that nobody will be alive among them.

“As you can see, the children and their parents were together at the time of the incident and nothing happened to the two older girls.

“The mother and son whose matter are in contention were found dead and the father was also found to have committed suicide,” the source said.

The police reportedly evacuated the corpses from the building moments after they arrived at the scene.

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