Man caught raping little girl in Abia bush [Photos]

In yet another case of depravity, a middle-aged man was caught raping a little girl in a bus in Abia State.

According to a Facebook user, one David Osinachi Nwankwo, the man had dragged the girl – aged about seven years – into a bush with his hands covering her mouth.

However, residents followed them and caught him in the act. He was arrested and severely beaten up.

Nwankwo wrote,

He was caught having carnal knowledge/raping the little girl on the picture after luring her into a nearby bush with his hand on her mouth to stop her from shouting somewhere around Hightaste Rd. by Ibere Street of Ngwa Road in Aba, Abia State today???.

Please watch over your kids/wards, the days are becoming too scary????.

You can read the post here.



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