Man Butchers Girlfriend for Money Ritual in Lagos, Stuffs Body in Bucket [Video]

In shocking scenes in Lagos State, a yet-to-be identified man brutally murdered his girlfriend for money ritual and stuffed her body in a bucket.

The horrible incident happened at Balogun Street Oshodi, beside Chrestin Hotel in Lagos.

The killer was caught by residents in the neighbourhood who raised eyebrows over the strange bucket he was carrying.

He initially refused to open the package when he was accosted, but gave in after being overpowered by an irate mob.

The gory images and video was posted to Facebook by Hon Oyinemi Nicolas Endeley, sparking furious response from Nigerians.

Watch the video below.


He just killed his girlfriend all in the name of Yahoo! And cheap huge money! Kill another man’s daughter, take her private parts, just to make quick cash.

How much can you make?????? Money to buy a good car, rent a big house, pop bottles of champagne, wear designer clothes that are expensive but don’t fit you; Are all these things worth taking another person’s life????? I wouldn’t even start blaming the girl or girls; because 80% of girls obviously want good life and rich guys; it’s normal. The sad reality is some fall in the hands of these idiots and animals…… THIS VIDEO BROKE EVERY BONE IN MY BODY. THIS IS SAD…………..

The suspect has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command where he’s undergoing interrogation.


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