Man beats wife to coma after catching her in bed with another man

A 35-year-old man has been arrested by the Ghanaian police for beating his wife into a coma after he allegedly caught her having sex with another man on their matrimonial bed.

The sad incident reportedly happened in Awutu Bereku district, Ghana

According to reports, Kofi Bandoli went to work and tried to call his wife who was at home for some information but after trying several times and couldn’t reach her, he decided to go home and see if all was well with his wife.

As Bandoli was approaching the door of his apartment, he started hearing the sounds of someone moaning in the room.

Alarmed by the strange sound, he was said to have opened the door and peeped in, only to find his wife on their matrimonial bed sweating profusely while having sex with another man.

Bandoli’s wife is receiving treatment at a hospital

Enraged by the disheartening scene, Bandoli pounced on his wife and gave her the beating of her life until she fell into a state of coma.

The other man was said to have fled the scene while the husband was dealing with his wife.

Some residents who were angered by the incident reportedly descended on the suspect and beat him. Both of them are receiving treatment at Awutu Breku Hospital.

The police have indicated that they will arraign Kofi Bandoli before court after receiving treatment.

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