Man Arrested for Toyin Salau’s Murder Reveals Graphic Details Leading to Her Death

Aaron Glee Jr., has not only confessed to killing Toyin Salau, but also revealed graphic details about her murder.

The Florida man who was arrested on Sunday, June 14, following investigation by Tallahassee Police into missing persons, confessed the murder of Salau and Victoria Sims, 75, to his mother over the telephone.

Sandra Cutliff, Aaron Glee’s mother, revealed that her son confessed to meeting Toyin Salau on the bus and inviting her over to his house to take a shower.

Her interview with Daily Mail further revealed that Toyin had requested Aaron give her drugs which he refused. The refusal pissed Toyin off, which made her bite him and call him a f”**king asss n*gger. This sent him flying into a murderous rage.

It was after this, that he strangled her to death.

“He told me that after she got out of the shower she wanted ‘molly’. He told her he wasn’t going to buy it. He said she called him a f—ass n—-r and bit him. That’s what triggered him off”, she said.

Cutliff also said Glee admitted to her that he killed Victoria Sims last week after she called him a “slob.” She had come over to his Florida apartment after he murdered Salau.

Glee Jr., and Sims have known each other for years and were friends before he murdered her.

Police discovered the bodies of the two women in his apartment.

Aaron was arrested while fleeing Tallahassee on a bus in Orlando by Sunday, June 14.

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