Make We Careful Foundation: Meet the Team Behind COVID-19 Pidgin PSA

A group of professionals recently came together to form the Make We Careful Foundation, whose goal is to school the Nigerians with access to the radio about the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping through the world.

About why they are, the team said:

“We’re a volunteer group of Nigerian private sector individuals with backgrounds in business, advertising, and entertainment. And we are giving our time freely in the fight to stop COVID-19 (or coranavirus as it is known locally) from destroying Nigeria by running a public enlightenment campaign.”

About why the foundation was formed, the team said:

“We believe that every Nigerian should play a part in the fight to stop the novel coronavirus outbreak from becoming a runaway COVID-19 epidemic. So when the United Nations challenged the creative industry to translate the World Health Organisation’s public health messages into our local cultures, we answered!”

About why they are they this, the team said: 

“Anecdotal research across the country shows that the common man grossly underestimates the threat of COVID-19. For example, they feel that since Ebola killed very few people, despite all the fuss that was made about it, then why would “coronavirus” kill them?

But if Nigerians don’t understand that their lives are in danger, they will not cooperate with a nationwide lockdown. And they will not follow the WHO public health advise on how to prevent COVID-19.

Yet, COVID-19 can spread rapidly amongst the Nigerian poor because they live in high density environments with poor sanition, no running water and healthcare. If, because of misinformation and misbeliefs, “coronavirus” is allowed to take hold in Nigeria it will be (as we say around here) a disaster of biblical proportions.”

About what they are now doing, the team said:

“We’ve embarked on an ambitious mission to create a nationwide public enlightenment campaign across a range of communications platforms. Our initial focus was to create fun, engaging, public service announcements for radio, using Nigerian pidgin English, in which we explain coronavirus symptoms as well as giving a range of coronavirus tips e.g. how the virus is tranmitted and practical advise on handwashing.

We are helping the UN, WHO and NCDC re-imagine their public health messages in the local Nigerian culture. And we are replacing the misinformation and hyerbole around COVID-19 with solid street pragmatism.

Our journey has just started. But if we come together to fight COVID-19, there is a long way we can go.”

Click here to listen to their public service announcement in Pidgin English education Nigerians about the various.


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