Magu shames EFCC, insists Coronavirus caused by corruption [Video]

The acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has defended his claim that the deadly coronavirus is caused by corruption.

Magu set the internet on fire when he made the statement during his speech at the Passing Out Parade of EFCC Detective Inspector Course 5 cadets at the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna last Tuesday.

In a video which went gone viral and attracted criticisms, Magu said,

“Corruption is the biggest strategy to human kind. Your Excellency, corruption is worse than all the diseases now running about. And I strongly believe, Your Excellency, that even the coronavirus is caused by corruption.

Embarrassed, the EFCC went into overdrive and took to Twitter to debunk the report.

In a statement by its spokesperson titled, ‘Covid 19: Understanding what Magu said’, EFCC said Magu only claimed that corruption is worse than cancer and coronavirus.

However, Magu has come out to stand by his words, making a mockery of the several denials by the EFCC.

In a new video presently making the round on social media, Magu tried to explain the reason behind his claim.

He said:

The corruption viruses is a creation by a corrupt mind, somebody actually created the corruption virus, sorry coronavirus. 

I insist that coronavirus is caused by corruption. Because someone actually sat in the lab and created it then sent it out.

See video below:


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