Mad Scramble for Cash as Bullion Van Spills $300,000 on Highway [Video]

There was pandemonium on a New Jersey highway as drivers exited their vehicles and jostled one another to grab some cash after a bullion van accidentally spilled nearly $300,000.

Police say the investigation determined that two plastic bags containing $140,000 and $370,000, respectively, had fallen through the open door of the bullion van onto the roadway, causing the bags to open, reports ABC7.

The vehicle traffic along with the windy weather conditions caused the currency to become airborne and scatter across the highway.

Passing motorists stopped to gather money, while others began to assist the personnel inside the bullion van. Officials said they were only able to recover $205,375 from the highway.

Later, five individuals either contacted the East Rutherford Police Department or another police agency, which led to the recovery of an additional $11,090.

The police however claim about $293,535 is still missing.

Watch the video below.

The East Rutherford Police Department is continuing to investigate the incident and is requesting any person with video images to contact them.

The department is also advising people who have money connected to this incident to call to make arrangements for its return with no charges filed.

“It’s theft of mislaid property,” East Rutherford police Detective Lieutenant Mike Gianscaspro said. “So we’re not looking to charge anybody, we’re just looking to get the money back.”


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