Love and Relationships: Are Women Really Their Greatest Enemies?

I am tired of this brand of womanhood that always brings me things, even the unearned affection of other women. Its okay to be different and disagreeable. It doesn't have to mean we are enemies.

Love and Relationships: Breaking Old Patterns & Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

I want a trimmer body. Yes, I love myself and all, but these cheeks are so rebellious, they are about to grow out of my face. And don’t get me started on the time I almost died from tucking my tummy in at a cousin’s wedding. What’s the point of wearing a fitting dress if the stomach is just going to bulge and hang all out there, visible and unashamed? Where is the decorum in that?

Love and Relationship: Your Body is Yours to do as You Please

Sometime last year, I told a man I would not have sex with him and he threw his head back and laughed; a rich raking laugh that climbed up to the air. When he sank back to earth and returned to himself, my words remained between us, solid and unmoving, refusing to change. I will not have sex with you.

Love and Relationships: On Open Declarations and Learning to Say I Love You

To meet a stranger and love them because you are so full of it is a rare and beautiful thing. But to say it so confidently, at the risk of suspicion, doubt and even rejection is something that leaves me nervous

Love and Relationship: When Guilt Becomes an Unheeded Thing

Once, I asked a friend how he did it. How he sat on a date with a girl and received a phone call from the other he was in a relationship with. As I asked, my eyes pierced through his, waiting for the answer. I wanted to know. How do people live without guilt?

Love and Relationship: Of Childhood Habits and a Life I am Not Quite Living.

My mother’s words return to me that evening. It collides with every poking accusation, every soft cajoling and every desperate attempt by friends in former lives to pull me into a perceived center stage of human experience. Get out more. Go partying. See a strip club. Create some spark for your stories. Lose your restraint.

Love and Relationship: What it Means to Feel Naked and Vulnerable

Turning away from the gaze of people in our lives, from their love and scrutiny, is not always as protective as we imagine.

Love and Relationship with Guest Columnist Oris Aigbokhaevbolo: Dear Lover, Play With Fire

If you are tempted to give in to “loving from a distance” think again. How is this not a variation of cowardice? Of course, nothing is guaranteed. But if you are too scared to prod a thing, how do you know it won't show signs of life?

Your Friends Won’t Stay Forever. And That’s Perfectly Okay

I want to love the people I love, and I want to grow old loving them. Yet, here I am, exploring my friendships as a travel between time, past and present; those who were, those who are, and hopefully, those who will be.

Love and Relationship: Neither Here nor There- Why I Write About Relationships

That Sunday afternoon, frozen in my mind- a small moment in history that cemented the idea of human relationships to be a real and complex thing

Love and Relationships: How to Reclaim Your Peace

Don’t be afraid to choose differently, to love from a distance, to insist on sanity.

Love and Relationship: Caught Between Speaking the Truth or Not

Now, let's say you are living happily with your stoic resolve to never complain, but one day, in the never-ceases-to-be-surprising mysteries of life, this your colleague breaks through your wall of silence and seeks your opinion on her perceived talents.

Aisha’s Musings: Is Duration Really That Important?

43 minutes! That's almost a full episode of Game of Thrones. Enough time to give yourself a pedicure, make jollof rice, iron your clothes for the week. 43 minutes! Why will someone even want that?

Love and Relationship: On Deal Breakers and the Importance of Stopping What You Cannot Finish

Love in my idealist perception is too much of a cementing, solidifying process to enter into simply on a whim, on the impulse of something as flimsy as emotions.

Chef Emeka Would Make Your Valentine’s Day with Five Course Meal at Thomas and Ray

In the spirit of love and sharing and everything good, Chef Emeka, in conjunction with Thomas and Ray Whiskey Bar, is set to make...

Love and Relationship: Conversations in Defense of Marriage

You start be saying that you agree, that marriage can be overrated, that not every filtered picture depicts the perfect happiness many people like to portray. You also tell him, that humans can make a successful enterprise of life without the encumbrance of marriage. It is fine, and it is free, to be quite happily unmarried.

Love and Relationships: On Waddling Through Life and Dealing With Anger

There I was, rallying my thoughts for the most appropriate response to an act that hurt me, nursing the grief, but only long enough to avenge it, to make some visible mark on the violator with my own words, something to show that I did not just take it, that it was not okay that she did what she did, that I would have the final say because silence was surrendering myself to a death of abuse.

Love and Relationships: When Good Intentions Are Simply Not Enough

Am I saying hide the truth? No. But truth can be communicated without becoming a theme song, without filtering into every conversation, forced and unwanted.

Aisha’s Musings: The Zacchaeus Principle – Dear Ladies, Climb That Tree

2015 was Seize the Bae…2016 was Commit or Commot…And now we’re at 2017… Marry Me or Die.

Love and Relationship: On Equality – For Women Who Need to Balance Faith with Sense

I read of Deborah sitting in the office of a prophet and judge, read about Jesus and see how he was so unabashedly anti women-shaming and pro-humanity. Thus I know that the problem is not with faith, but with people who manipulate tools for their personal prejudice.