Review: A Few Good Things About Arimah’s ‘What It Means When a Man Falls from...

In this collection of twelve short stories, Lesley Nneka shows the human tendency to revolt, to survive and change situations.

Book Review: Thoughts on Chimamanda Adichie’s ‘Dear Ijeawele’

In sum, Adichie’s Feminist Manifesto is a pleasurable read. Her opinions are an invitation to a conversation.

NLNG Announces Longlist for 2017 Nigeria Literature Prize

 The list is described as a potpourri of long-standing poets.

Book Review: Pain and Deceit in Ayobami Adebayo’s ‘Stay With Me’

Ayobami Adebayo etches pains on her characters. Every one of them is struggling against something, none is free. Yejide suffers rejection, Akin struggles to prove his masculinity...

Ahmed Maiwada Set to Release ‘Polemic’ Poetry Collection – ‘We’re Fish’

We’re Fish is an epic poem, with numbered stanzas across the entire book...

Book Review: Pace and Closure in Chris Abani‘s ‘The Secret History of Las Vegas’

Chris Abani's Las Vegas is the home of freaks, lovers, pretentious lovers, saints and those who badly need redemption

Game of Thrones Producer is Making Nnedi Okorafor’s Book Into a TV Series!

Nnedi Okorafor has announced that George R. R. Martin is executive-producing the TV series of her award-winning novel, Who Fears Death.

Kabafest: A Feasting on Books and Arts in the City of Crocodiles

An opening ceremony to whet the appetite, a laudable literacy project, intriguing discussions, interesting revelations... the Kaduna book and arts festival is no joke!

Chimamanda Adichie Named Winner of Le Grand Prix De L’héroïne Madame Figaro

The Prize was established in 2006 by the French magazine 'Madame Figaro,' to celebrate heroines of French and foreign literature.

Those Who Wing it: Beyond the KABAFEST Camps

Had there been a boycott of the Garden city Literary Festival, would posterity have forgiven any of us for stopping what led to the AFRICA 39 Anthology–what eventually produced The Sack, Namwali Serpel's short story that went on to win the Caine Prize in 2015?

The Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop 2017 – Why it Won’t Hold

Farafina Trust Writing Workshop will be unable to hold this year, which would have been its tenth year. 

Sudanese Writer Bushra al-Fadil Wins the 2017 Caine Prize for African Writing

The £10,000 prize is split between the writer and the translator - while £7,000 goes to Bushra, the remaining £3,000 will go to the translator, Max Shmookler.

Abiola Irele: 10 Things Every Writer Should Know About the Late Literary Titan

Professor Irele was a polyglot; he spoke Igbo, Ora, Yoruba, English and French

Bookcraft Africa Organises Multi-City Tour for Okey Ndibe Book Launch

Okey Ndibe is a novelist, political columnist, and essayist.

Kabafest: Where We Are Missing the Point – By Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

The vitriol characterising the calls to boycott this festival and the labelling of potential attendees as “hungry writers” and “hustlers”, in an attempt to shame people out of attending, strikes me as some form of pseudo-intellectual thuggery.

In Defense of Engagement: KABAFEST, Literary Festivals, and Bad Faith Protest

On the surface, the argument agains KABAFEST is plausible. After all, who wants to sit and dine with a politician who is committed to destruction of a religious minority group. Except that, first of all, the festival is not a “wine and dine”.

Caine Prize 2017 Reviews: ‘The Girl Whose Birds Flew Away’ by Bushra al-Fadil is a...

In Bushra al-Fadil's story unabashed metaphors flirt across the page in a dance so vivid and sensuous, it is difficult to ignore.

Caine Prize 2017 Reviews: Sarcastic Humour in ‘The Virus’ by Magogodi Makhene

The unnamed but highly opinionated narrator addresses the reader in a beautiful blend of English and Afrikaans which could demand the use of a dictionary by a non-native reader (to aid comprehension). This is not a flaw, rather it strengthens the narrator’s voice...

Caine Prize 2017 Review: Lesley Nneka Arimah‘s ‘Who Will Greet You At Home’

Last year Nneka Arimah gave us 'What It Means When A Man Falls From The Sky'. This year, she comes with another sci-fi story that reimagines humanity’s core. This second coming is stronger. But will it win the prize?

Caine Prize 2017 Reviews: The Unusual in ‘Bush Baby’ by Chikodili Emelumadu

Chikodili’s descriptions are beautiful in their simplicity. No unnecessary verbiage that feels like literary diarrhea, she gets her point across with an economy of words

Caine Prize 2017: Arinze Ifeakandu’s ‘God’s Children Are Broken Little Things’

Ifeakandu knows what he wants to write about and he tells it with a courageous certainty. Nothing overburdens the reader

How Kidnapped Writer Chibuihe Light Obi Finally Regained His Freedom

The obviously traumatized Chibuihe however said that his abductors covered his face during his three-day ordeal, and as such he has no idea of his abductors. He has also said that his kidnappers have all the money in his account via his atm cards

Book Review: Humour & Truth in Okey Ndibe’s ‘Never Look an American in the Eye’

Okey Ndibe strikes a mesmerising figure in his memoir - he goes through the grime, grit and shocking phases of life and emerges whole. In this book we also see other lives through his life...

Of Ingenuity & Surprises at the Etisalat Prize for Literature 2016 Award Ceremony

The judges described Jowhor Ile as a writer who understands that the things left unsaid can be as important as the things that are said. I agree with them, wholeheartedly.

Jowhor Ile Emerges Winner of 2016 Etisalat Prize for Literature with ‘And After Many Days

Jowhor Ile is the First Nigerian to win the Etisalat Prize for Literature!

Book Review – Coming of Age in Jowhor Ile’s And After Many Days

And After Many Days marks different eras of Nigeria’s history, through the pulse of the events that the Utu family encounters, the serenity of village life from over a decade ago, descriptions of post military era Port Harcourt, and more

A Tale of Two National Libraries: Norway and Nigeria Come Together

In Norway, the National Library is considered a custodian of both the past and the future. The Oslo library, whose four wings were built over the course of more than a century in architectural styles that both clash with and complement one another, is a symbol of a country not just accepting of the march of modernity, but in full embrace of it

Caine Prize 2017 Shortlist – Nigerian Writers Dominate Again

The 2017 Caine Prize shortlist has been announced and this year's shortlist is as exciting as it is surprising

Book Review: Exploring Identity & Trans-Culturation in Nnedi Okorafor’s ‘Binti’

Binti’s spirited ambition sees her breaking stereotypes and charting a new perspective not always familiar to her kind.

Book Review: Women as Centre of Discourse in Sefi Atta’s ‘A Bit of Difference’

Sefi Atta paints Lagos with mesmerising hilarity and astute details. You will recognise this Lagos, that sweet rot that never decays. In talking about the kind of customary relationship that is often found within this corrupt middle class, this will entertain you...