Linda Ikeji Denies Shaming Single Mothers: ‘On What Basis Will I Do That?’

Linda Ikeji says she has never shamed single mothers.

The blogger attempted to set the records straight during an intense exchange with Instagram users who hopped on her page to label her a “babymama.”

“Remember Anna Banner? Does that name sound familiar?” asked one user after Ikeji denied shaming single mothers. And another user added, “Linda bullied and crucified single mums. [It’s] because I am a single mum as well, so I couldn’t forget all she said about us then.”

And Linda Ikeji responded with a lengthy comeback in which she claimed “someone started this and others followed. I’ve never done that. If I have someone would have brought out the quote by now. I’m not insensitive.”

And she said a lot more.

See the exchange below:

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