Lilian Esoro Denies Claims That She’s Pregnant With Blossom Chukwujekwu’s Child

Lilian Esoro has broken silence after rumours surfaced that she is pregnant with Blossom Chukwujekwu’s child.

The speculation began after reports confirmed that the actor’s marriage to Maureen Esisi had packed up, and source which claimed to be close to the situation alleged that Chukwujekwu moved out his matrimonial home, into Esoro’s.

SDK reached out to Esoro to confirm this story and she quickly shut it down.

“Please I am not with Blossom and we have not spoken for some time since our last movie. I am not pregnant for him. .Jesus Christ, is that how one gets pregnant? I am really shocked,” said Esoro, who previously dated Chukwujekwu and is separated from her estranged husband, Ubi Franklin.

She continued, saying, “Please leave me out of this story. I am not involved. Whoever involved me in this story must be joking. I am not pregnant for anyone, maybe it’s another Lilian. Blossom is not staying with me!”


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