Lil Wayne Speaks on Drake and Nicki Minaj’s Young Money Status: ‘They’re Still My Artists’

Lil Wayne wants fans to know that Nicki Minaj and Drake are still signed to his label Young Money and he is now in a better position to support their personal projects.

The rap boss made this known during a new sit-down for Elliott Wilson’s CRWN interview series, where the Tha Carter V rapper spoke, among other things, about the label’s most lucrative stars.

“They still have their own thing and they’re still with me as well,” Wayne said. “They’ve always had their own thing. Now it’s just that they have the opportunity to let me make their own thing shine brighter than it has. They’re still my artist. Understand, but they have their own things as well, because now I’m in a position I’m in now I’m going to make sure whatever they want for themselves to be, [I’m] going to make sure it’s exactly as it should be.”

And this comes amid speculation that Drake would be leaving the label, a rumour that was fueled further by the Toronto rapper in his track “Is There More” off the “Scorpion” album, in which he said: “Yeah, soon as this album drop I’m out of the deal.”

In June, anonymous sources told Billboard that Drake was staying with Universal Music Group, but didn’t clarify if that meant he would still partner with Young Money or Cash Money.

And matters were made worse by Drake’s significant absence in Wayne’s latest album.

But Wayne has confirmed that Drake and Nicki are still his artists, and explaining why Drake didn’t feature in “Tha Carter V,” he said, “He has a song that didn’t get cleared. The clearances man. The clearances man. People be trippin’ when they find out who it is and when they find out what the song’s subject is about. They don’t represent the names of something like that…You really don’t know why they say no.”

Watch the entire interview on Tidal.

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