Lil’ Kim Cancels Press Appearances Because of Reporters Were Just ‘Messy’

Lil Kim has revealed the reason why she canceled her press appearances.

During a recent Instagram Live, the rap legend explained that she’s canceled all of her upcoming press appearances because of “messy” reporters. “One of the reasons it’s not happening is because two of the major outlets wanted to be messy,” Kim said.

“My publicist and my manager made the executive decision to shut it down. At this point, it’s about me. I’m that bitch, nothing else,” Kim continued. “I refuse to fucking keep doing all of these interviews, publications, and all of that shit if motherfuckers is not gonna respect who I am, what I’ve done, where I’m at now.”

She noted that she was set to appear on a host of programs including Today, Access Hollywood, and Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live on Thursday. But she has decided to renege on these obligations because of something Andy Cohen did. Although she didn’t go into detail, she hinted at the fact that the show wanted to use her status as a pawn to spark controversy.

This apparently also happened when she made an appearance on the show in 2012. Still mired in a messy beef with Nicki Minaj, the show bombarded her with questions about Minaj. And it is why she has now decided to back away from outlets she deems to be sensational.

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