Twitter Love Stories: Couples Who Met on Social Media Share Their Stories

Will this embolden you to slid into that person's dm?

Comedian Etinosa Idemudia Tells Women to Enjoy Rape to Avoid Trauma: Can a Victim Enjoy...

Perhaps, when we begin to hold conversations about rapists/potential rapists, rather than telling victims what to do-- when we begin to urge rapists/potential rapist to make restitution/seek help--perhaps then, victims will begin to heal and our daughters will have a healthier society to live in.

Don Jazzy, Chris Brown & More: Celebrities Who Have Had Extreme Cases of Fan Craze

From Mavin's Don Jazzy to Queen Bey, see some celebs who have had extreme cases of fan craze.

Bisi Alimi, Kenny Brandmuse & More: Nigerian Stars Who Refuse to Live Their Lives in...

Meet the crop of young Nigerians who refuse to be forced into the closet

Relationship Matters: Signs that it May be Time to Get a Divorce

Before a couple calls it quit, the signs are usually there. It could be constant fights, unrepentant philandering or an obvious disconnection.

Relationship Matters: Should a Woman’s Best Friend and Boyfriend be Good Friends?

Ladies, how would you react if your man asked your best friend to sit on his lap?

Should the Solo Use of Sex Toys in Relationships be Considered Cheating?

It may be hard to consider the solo use of sex toys as cheating as these sex aids are not human beings.

Dealing With Heartbreak: Here’s How to Stop Being Desperately in Love With an Ex

Here's how to move on from a failed relationship

Who Does Your Offertory/Tithe Belong to- the Pastor or to God? Nigerian Churchgoers Debate

The development has stirred major reactions on social media. While many people agree with the lady, others insist that the offering doesn't belong to the pastor.

Photos: Pretty Mike Spotted in Lagos With His New Flower Girls

If the leash doesn't do it, perhaps flowers will, abi?

Guilty By Association: When Family Members Alleged Crimes Affect Your Public Image

What would you do if you were Nicki Minaj - address the story, or continue to stay silent?

Is Karma Really a Bitch, or Do We just Enjoy Mocking Rivals in Difficult Times?

While many people have shown Tonto Dikeh support, Georgina Onuoha stirred mixed reactions for talking karma at such a time, and this earned her a roasting on social media.

Understanding Consent: Here’s Why Continuous Conversation on Sexual Molestation/Rape is Necessary

Kemen's eviction from Big Bother Naija has sparked a necessary conversation on Twitter.

Barack and Michelle Obama Agree to Record $60m Book Deal

Obama is the author of the bestsellers Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope, while Michelle’s only book is about food and gardening, American Grown, released in 2012.

#AbujaKidnappings: This Story of an Attempted Kidnapping by ‘Fake Police Officers’ will Make You Vigilant

According to Mustapha, the ordeal happened yesterday in Abuja after he was flagged down by an 'officer' who questioned him for making a call while driving.

#StrandedBae: This Story About Love and Infidelity Will Make You Mad

Read the story that has gotten everyone talking again about how women deal with hurt.

Are Scorpions Healthy? Angelina Jolie Tried it and Here’s What She Thinks!

She says they have really good flavours. Care to share some?

Hymar’s Loose Cannon: For Young People Stuck in Old Ways

When people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I am a professional Wakawaka, their first response is a "LOL!". Then they wait for me to call off the joke and tell them about some stable 9 to 5, some not too bad and not too boring desk job that requires wearing nice TM Lewin shirts and nice sharp shoes.

Could She be African? Cassandra De Pecol Becomes the Youngest Person to Visit Every Country...

Spurred on by a quest to discover the world beyond North America, she began her adventure, tagged ‘Expedition 196’ on her 25th birthday and has reached all 193 sovereign nations, including Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine in just 18 months.


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