Lewis Hamilton Unveiled as the New Face of Tommy Hilfiger [Photos]

Formula One king Lewis Hamilton has veered into the world of fashion as he’s been revealed as the new brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger.

The reigning world champion – also known for his eclectic fashion sense off the track – will release a new collection with the label this spring.

Speaking after the deal was announced, Hilfiger lauded the F1 star’s qualities that stood him out among his peers, Sun writes.

Hamilton in Hilfiger. Image: Sun

“I have always admired Lewis’ incredible endurance during the race, as well as his unique style off the track, which speak to the new generation of Tommy Guys.

“He has built his incredible career as a racing driver with passion, dedication and extremely hard work – values that I embraced when founding my brand.

“We have a history with Formula One, and this partnership builds on our heritage of collaborations within the world of motor sport.”

The 32-yera-old is already a fashion icon. Image: Sun

Hamilton was photographed in his new collection at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania, and he couldn’t be happier with the deal.

“I believe in the power of fashion and innovation to celebrate individuality and break conventions, like Tommy Hilfiger,” he said.

“Tommy’s designs inspire me to be bold in every outfit that I put together outside the racing track, expressing my creativity and eclectic style with confidence.

“His groundbreaking TOMMYNOW experimental events are one-of-a-kind, and I’m very excited to partner with such a visionary brand.”

The driver joins his former rumoured love interest Gigi Hadid as global ambassador, and the pair drove a Mercedes-AMG GT S sports car around the Pocono Raceway as part of the campaign.

The timing is kinda iffy too, as Gigi just broke up with singer Zayn Malik

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