Leon Balogun Claims ‘Witch Doctor’ Helped Him back to the Top

Super Eagles and Brighton defender, Leon Balogun has revealed that it was a witch doctor that helped him revive his soccer career.

The lanky centre-back said after he was bogged down by injury and loss of form, his sister encouraged him to consult a spiritualist and he readily agreed.

Balogun, who played a key role for the Super Eagles in the World Cup qualifier and the tournament in Russia, joined Brighton from Bundesliga club Mainz and has played games against Manchester United and Liverpool in the early weeks of the season.

Speaking with the BBC’s Football Focus, he said: “I had a lot of issues with injuries so my sister said “look, I have this one lady I always go and see her and she reads auras”.

‘I was like “let’s give it a try”. She asked some questions about me and my right shoulder if I had an injury or something. I thought “how would she know?” I can see a hole in your aura on that side.

‘I showed her my scar there and it was attracting bad energies and it gives them entrance into your whole being.

‘After she asked me if I had lost someone close to me or a dear person five years ago and that’s when she had my attention because my grandma died around that time. ‘I had never really met my grandma in Nigeria but when she died it was one of the worst feeling I’ve had in my life.

‘This lady, she could read it or see it somehow and she gave me the advice to go to Nigeria and reconnect with the country.

‘When I got the call for the national team, that reconnection started and since then things have fallen into place.’


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