Legendary Singer Orits Wiliki Speaks on Reuniting With His Long Lost Son

Orits Wiliki has admitted to reuniting with his long lost son, and this comes days after an upcoming singer named Eddy Noma claimed he was the son of the legend.

In new chat with PUNCH, Wiliki spoke on the joy he felt when he met Eddy, his plans for Eddy’s musical career, and the love they now share.

“It is true that I recently got reunited with my long lost son. It was a good and overwhelming reunion,” said the singer, adding, “I really did not know he was in existence before we met; I had an inkling that I probably had a son out there but I was not entirely sure till we met. So seeing him was more like a confirmation.”

The excited dad continued, “When I met him, I was very happy. He is also a musician like myself and that was one of the reasons he said that he must look for his father.”

And then he promises to work with Eddy and ensure that the upcoming singer will have a prosperous career. “Now that he is here with me, it is up to me to make sure that his music career surpasses mine and as I speak with you, we are working on the visuals to one of his songs. It does not matter that he does not sing reggae, in fact, I love that about him because he is free to sing any genre of music he is comfortable with,” he said.

However, when asked about the identity of Eddy’s mother, the legend refused to give away that information. “I would not want to talk about his mother on the pages of the newspaper.”

Here’s on proud dad!

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