Legendary Singer, Angelique Kidjo’s Brother Oscar is Dead

Angelique Kidjo’s family is in mourning.

According to Benin WebTV, Kidjo’s older brother, Oscar, who once served as the Director of Artistic Promotion at the Ministry of Culture of Benin, died on July 13, 2018.

Oscar was music producer and had studied music at Berklee College of Music, and Management of the Phonographic Industry at Boston University in the United States. The site adds that he holds a Master’s degree in English from Abomey Calavi University in Benin and a Master’s degree in Cultural Projects Management at I.E.P. Pierre Mendes France University, Grenoble, France.

Confirming the passing of her brother, Angelique said, via LIB:

“He was a great musician and a great producer and all of his life he supported me tirelessly. I made my debut with him. He helped me compose my first songs. With him I learned the rigour and discipline you have to have when you want to be a musician.

He was the one who showed me the importance of knowing with passion your own roots and being proud of them. He was very loved and respected by the musicians of Benin and elsewhere. 

Oscar, I know you’re gonna keep watching over me from where you are. I love you and my thoughts go to your wife and your children and to the whole family.”

While Angelique didn’t state the cause of his death, LIB adds that Oscar died after a long battle with an unnamed illness.

He was 67.


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