Legendary Barcelona President, Lluis Nunez, Dies at 87

Spanish giants Barcelona are in a period of mourning following the news that former club president, Josep Lluis Nunez, has died aged 87.

Nunez presided over the Catalan club for 22 years and his era was marked with sensational sporting success on all fronts, including Johan Cryuff’s stunning European Cup success with his ‘Dream Team.’

Nunez’s innovative management style was a breath of fresh air to Spanish football at the time of his arrival, and many argue that he totally transformed Barcelona into a modern football club with his particularly intricate and revolutionary business model.

In many ways Nunez was far ahead of his time; one of his obsessions was to open new avenues of income for the club in order to construct a team capable of winning the major trophies.

His many achievements include expanding the Camp Nou on two occasions, converting La Masia into a full dormitory for players; and creating the Mini Estadi and the Barcelona museum.

Nunez also fought a long-running battle for television rights and in July 1979, he refused TVE cameras entry into the Camp Nou unless an economic agreement was reached between all parties.

Stars such as Diego Maradona, Michael Laudrup, Romario, Ronaldo Luiz Nazario and Rivaldo were all brought to Barcelona during his over two decades at the helm.


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