Legendary Actress Clara Chukwurah Says Christ Has Saved Her

Clara Chukwurah has begun a new spiritual journey.

The legendary actress took to her Instagram yesterday to speak about her transition in the movie industry, the roles she played and the lifestyle she led, and why she has chosen to take on a new path.

“As an actress, I played the role of the bitch and life was all about glamour and glitz, and though I was the humanitarian, I didn’t realise that with CHRIST there are no half measures,” she wrote.

She continued, “But, Today, HE has saved me – John 3 : 16 and like the Apostle Paul – Romans 1 : 16 and I will Glorify His Name because HE has empowered me for others to be saved.”

She then went on to proselytize, encouraging her fans all over the world to join her on this new journey.

Interesting, right?

See her post below:

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