LeBron James ‘King of LA’ Mural in Los Angeles Has Been Erased After Repeat Vandalism

The much-talked-about “King of LA” mural featuring LeBron James in Los Angeles has finally been erased after trolls refused to let it be.

According to CBS, the mural was painted over by one of artists who originally painted it on a building located on the side of a BBQ restaurant in Venice, California. And this comes after the work was vandalised for the second time in just one week.

The mural, created by Jonas Never and another artist named Menso, depicted LeBron in his new digs along with the words “The King of LA.”

Recall that the calls to vandalise the artwork was made by Twitter account @BenOsaze shortly after LeBron James announced his move to Los Angeles and the mural showing James donning the purple and gold with “King of LA” was put up in Venice.

Last Friday, BenOsaze offered $300 to anyone who would deface the mural in a tweet that has since been deleted. And when the self-proclaimed “Unofficial Spokesperson for the Los Angeles Lakers Fanbase” was questioned about his motive for offering a reward for vandalising the art piece, he said there should be “no murals until he wins a title.”

Well, two days after the reward was offered, the mural was vandalised and insults like, “We don’t want you,” “No King,” “LeFraud,” as well as reference about his last NBA record, 3-6, were scribbled all over it.

The artist repaired it, but it got vandalised again, prompting him to finally paint it over.

Watch the sad video below.


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