LeBron James ‘King of LA’ Mural Has Been Defaced by Unknown Persons

Many people are not ready to welcome LeBron James to Los Angeles, and they have shown their aggression by defacing his mural.

Shortly after the basketball champ announced his decision to join the Lakers earlier this month, a mural showing James donning the purple and gold with “King of LA” was put up in Venice, California, Complex is reporting.

On Friday, the Twitter account @BenOsaze offered $300 to anyone who would deface the mural in a tweet that has since been deleted. And when the self-proclaimed “Unofficial Spokesperson for the Los Angeles Lakers Fanbase” was questioned about his motive for offering a reward for vandalising the art piece, he said there should be “no murals until he wins a title.”

Well, two days after the reward was offered, the mural was vandalised and insults like, “We don’t want you,” “No King,” “LeFraud,” as well as reference about his last NBA record, 3-6, were scribbled all over it.

It didn’t take long before the mural was repaired again. However, the man who called for the vandalisation of the art piece has since deleted his page.


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  1. With Lebron James now on the Lakers, we can be sure that they will get to the post season. Some people say that even with James now, the Lakers will still find it very hard to get to the playoff especially in this loaded western conference. But with the best player of the game and stuck with a mix of veteran and younger players, the Lakers surely has a higher chance of getting into the playoff. Who knows, if they gel together, they could be the team that will beat the warriors. Let’s see as this season will get unfolded.

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