Lebron James Fortifies His Los Angeles Mansion Following Recent Celebrity Break-ins

Lebron James has beefed up security at his Los Angeles mansion after the string of break-ins orchestrated by a team of burglars.

In case you missed it: recently, some celebrities, including Rihanna, Yasiel Puig, and Christina Milan, had their homes broken into by burglars. A footage from one of the homes led to the arrest of four people, and police noted that these thieves had hit more than 24 homes belonging to the rich and famous.

These burglars reportedly also had a list of 12 celebrity targets whose homes they intended to burgle. TMZ confirms that Lebron James’ Los Angeles mansion is on this list.

And it is for this reason that the basketballer has now taken the situation very seriously by, especially since his wife and three children live in the LA home. So, he has taken stricter measure to protect his family and property.

“Bron has at least 10 armed security personnel at the home — including off-duty police officers. We’re told the NBA’s security team is also involved in the security plans,” TMZ reported, adding that “L.A. Rams star Robert Woods — whose home was burglarized — is also working with the NFL security team to ensure his safety as well.”

The media house adds that police believe there are more burglars out there and so are working to have all of them arrested.

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